Advancement of medical capabilities

Ascension Parish Fire District 3 would like to announce the advancement of our medical capabilities. Our goal is to provide the very best personnel, equipment, and service to protect the people in our district. These advancements will allow for an advanced level of medical care in the Pre-hospital setting.  The personnel who ride our trucks everyday have accepted the challenge and many of them have become certified as Advanced EMT’s. This gives us the capabilities to offer a more thorough and higher level of medical care through IV access, medication administration, advanced airways, and other techniques. With the current class graduating in May, we will have the capabilities to provide every fire engine in our district with an Advanced EMT. Additionally, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the recently purchased LUCAS device. The LUCAS device is an automated CPR compression device. The device provides compressions during the CPR process and is shown to have superior statistics in survivability in the Pre-hospital setting. Lastly, we have also recently added our new AED PRO on all of our fire engines. The New AED’s, automated external defibrillator, will allow greater feedback for our medical providers. It will also allow users to monitor and view heart rhythms in real time while performing treatments. These are exciting times here at Ascension Parish Fire District 3. None of this is possible without your support and the hard work of the personnel riding our fire apparatus every day.

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